TaxValet’s No Missed Payments Guarantee™

by | May 20, 2021

Summary: We stand behind our work and guarantee that your sales tax payments will be submitted on-time each month, or we’ll pay the penalties and interest

TaxValet’s No Missed Payments Guarantee™


At TaxValet, one of our core values is “OWN IT” which means that we take responsibility for outcomes, whether they’re good or bad. We stand behind our team’s work, and we’re committed to creating the very best sales tax service available to small and midsized businesses.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce TaxValet’s No Missed Payments Guarantee™:

“We guarantee that TaxValet will file and pay your sales tax returns on time each month, or we’ll pay the penalties and interest.”

In the event that a filing or payment is missed and it’s our fault, we’ll pay for it.

Totally reasonable terms and conditions apply

  • We require a functioning bank account with sufficient funds that we can make payments from.
  • Filings that are already late when you make us aware of them (and amended returns) don’t apply.
  • If you tell us to submit filings past the due date, this guarantee won’t apply.
  • We must be notified by the state (or you) if your filing frequency changes (so we know a return is due).
  • We must receive all of your transaction data by the fifth of each month.

But that’s not the only thing we’re committing to. You’re ALSO getting…

TaxValet’s Everything Done-for-You Promise


We promise to handle all of your sales tax work for you, and not get you involved unless it is absolutely necessary. 

P.S. We really need a lot of your involvement during the initial setup process to be able to keep this promise.

TaxValet’s Dedicated Sales Tax Accountant Promise


We promise that you’ll work with a dedicated sales tax expert each month. This means if you have questions regarding your filings, payments, or data, that you’ll be working with the same person who is already familiar with your company.

P.S. You may hear from other sales tax experts who will assist you with issues that aren’t related to your filings.



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