Powered by Passion + Purpose

We’re transforming negative emotions into something positive for our employees, partners, and customers.

What We Do

We do whatever it takes to eliminate the hassle of sales tax for our clients. This typically involves helping clients understand where they have sales tax obligations, getting sales tax permits, managing transaction data, and handling ongoing filings. We’re also there for them if they ever have sales tax related questions.

We primarily serve online retailers based in the United States, but we are actively working on branching out into other markets. The sky is the limit!

Why We Do It

Our Core Purpose is to transform negative emotions into something positive for our clients, partners, and employees. You know that feeling you get when it’s time to file your taxes with the IRS each year? Imagine feeling that, every month, with tens of thousands of dollars at stake. We’re eliminating that feeling and creating lasting positive relationships with our clients, partners, and each other.

We believe that the work we do is a reflection of our higher purpose in life. And if the work isn’t fulfilling and enjoyable, what’s the point?



Company pays for 100% of vision, dental, and medical insurance for full-time employees.

Company Vacations

We work and play hard so we can take company-sponsored trips when we meet our targets.

Start-up Mentality

We’re growing fast, and shaping our destiny.

Fun Team

An awesome team that stays positive.

Engaging Work

Work that keeps you engaged, and constantly learning. 

Work Remotely

No commute. No traffic. No pants. Just kidding, wear pants.

Volunteer Time

1% of company time devoted to charities and non-profits.

Other benefits include…

  • 40 days of time off per year (22 holidays + 18 days of PTO)
  • 401(k) option with company matching
  • Short and long-term disability insurance
  • Ergonomic desk setup

Our Core Values

Our core values are baked into everything we do at TaxValet.

Own It: We take responsibility for everything in our lives, both good and bad. We take responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, quality of work, and results. 

Feel It: Authentic empathy is built into everything we do. We seek to understand our customers and each other, and take action to create feelings of warmth and peace of mind. A little bit of understanding goes a long way.

Shape It: We are the authors of our own destiny. We know it is up to us to create remarkable experiences for our clients and each other. In work and play, the canvas is always blank and ripe for something incredible to be made.

Crush It: We are competitive and seek to WIN! We are on the hunt for excellence, both professionally and personally. We set the bar high, and jump higher! 

You Might Be a Good Fit If…

Here are some attributes that could indicate you’d fit in here:

• You resonate with our core values and core purpose

• You’re a self-starter who doesn’t need constant poking and prodding.

• You are resourceful and are not afraid to learn new skills or technologies

• You’re always learning and growing as a person.

• You know how to stay positive under stress and deadlines.




Our Hiring Process

We’re committed to finding the absolute best people out there to join our team. That being said, our hiring process might be a bit more involved than what you’re accustomed to. Here’s all that’s involved:

  • Initial application review
  • Invitation to provide additional background information
  • Brief interview
  • Personality assessment
  • Longer interview
  • Meeting with personality consultant
  • Reference check with past managers
  • Credit / background check
  • Offer!

All told, the process will likely take 3-4 weeks start to finish. This might sound like an involved process (it is) but the upside to our employees is we get to surround ourselves with people who are a joy to work with.

Now Hiring: Super Social Perfectionist (New Client Onboarding Specialist in Sales Tax)

Location: 100% REMOTE (USA)

About The Role

TaxValet is looking for a SUPER SOCIAL PERFECTIONIST to join our new client onboarding team. At TaxValet, we are fanatical about our clients having an incredible first impression working with us. And if you join us, you’ll be a big part of the reason why. 

The purpose of the New Client Onboarding Specialist is to get clients totally set-up within our systems so that the Sales Tax Filing Team can begin submitting their sales tax filings. Lots of training will be provided.

This role typically involves analyzing client data and performing research to provide sales tax nexus advice (with supervision) and ensuring the clients’ tax systems are set up to our high standards of excellence.You’ll be working closely with external clients, as well as working closely with internal teammates. 

In time, you’ll be considered a sales tax expert and someone that many will turn to when looking for advice. 

Don’t worry—we’ll provide lots of training and help along the way. Your attitude and potential is much more important than your current knowledge and experience. 

About TaxValet

We’re not a tax company. We’re an emotions company. We believe that the work we do is a reflection of our higher purpose in life. And if the work isn’t fulfilling and enjoyable, what’s the point? At TaxValet, our Core Purpose is to “transform negative emotions into something positive for our clients, partners, and each other”. It just so happens that we do that by eliminating the hassle and stress of sales tax.

We are a fast-growing, financially stable, and profitable business with a small but AWESOME team of 15 teammates. We’re building a world-class sales tax team, and if you join us, you’ll be part of the reason why. 

We are a core-value driven business. That means we hire, fire, and reward based on alignment with our core values:

  • Feel It: We have authentic empathy for our clients, partners, and for each other. A little warmth and understanding goes a long way. 
  • Shape It: We have a passion for possibilities and recognize that we are the authors of our own future. 
  • Own It: We take responsibility for the outcomes, both good and bad. 
  • Crush It: We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are competitive and want to WIN!

We are also a “give 1%” organization. This means that 1% of profit, employee time, and service time is dedicated towards nonprofits. This year, we contributed to typhoon disaster relief in the Philippines. 

Compensation and Benefits 

We believe working side-by-side with an awesome team is the greatest benefit there is, but there are other reasons why we love working at TaxValet including:

  • 40 days off per year. This includes 22 holidays per year, plus 18 days of PTO per year. Yes, seriously. 
  • Company pays 100% of health, vision, dental, short-term disability, and long-term disability  insurance.
  • 401(k) Plan with generous company matching.
  • $55K/yr salary after completing training ($50k/yr before completing training).
  • 100% Remote work.

Some intangible benefits include:

  • In a recent survey, 100% of employees scored working at TaxValet a 9 or 10 out of 10.
  • Learn relevant and in-demand skills you’ll have for the rest of your career.
  • Opportunity to have a real impact and grow your career with the company.
  • Opportunity to join company retreats and vacations (post-COVID, of course).
  • A fast-growing and entrepreneurial environment.

Your Qualifications

We’re looking for someone who is ready to learn and grow professionally, and wants a career (not just a job). We can train you on a lot of things, but here are our non-negotiables:


  • Degree in Accounting, Accounting Technology, Legal Research, or similar field.
  • Experience working with project management, accounting, and/or research.
  • Positive references from past supervisors.
  • Sales tax experience is a plus, but not required. 


  • High attention-to-detail and a perfectionist at heart. 
  • Effective and comfortable communicating in writing, over webcam, and on the phone (this role will have a LOT of client interaction).
  • Able to put someone at ease who is stressed out and anxious.
  • Able to set clear boundaries and expectations with clients. Not afraid to follow-up to get what you need to get across the finish line.
  • Excellent at time management. You don’t waste time on frivolous activities. 
  • Eager to learn new skills and technologies. Great at researching (and understanding) complex information. 

Please note that the final step before being hired is for you to arrange reference calls with your former managers and others

Your Primary Responsibilities

  • Onboarding Project Management. The Onboarding Specialist is responsible for setting up and managing clients from the time they sign-up until onboarding is complete. They must communicate effectively, collect and analyze information, and move the project through the onboarding process in a timely way.
  • Contributing to Onboarding Process Improvement. You will work with the Onboarding Team to identify and implement improvements to onboarding workflow so that clients have a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, while minimizing risk for both our clients and TaxValet.
  • Making Sense of Transaction Data. You will unravel and provide documentation for the clients’ transaction data and integrate the data into tax software systems so that you can confirm its accuracy.
  • Sales Tax Nexus Reviews. The Onboarding Specialist will analyze various economic and other presence factors to determine where clients have sales tax nexus. They will provide explanations to the client why they have nexus in a state to help inform where they decide to get permits.
  • Sales Tax Setting Setup and Testing.  The Onboarding Specialist will set up and test tax collection settings on sales platforms to ensure clients are collecting sales tax on their permit start dates.
  • Continual Learning. You will prioritize continued learning in areas related to sales tax nexus, product taxability, marketplace, economic nexus, and any other topics or technologies related to the onboarding process.

Specific Measures of Success

No surprises here! After a year on the job, you’ll be measured by these specific outcomes:

  • Onboarding Speed. By the end of your first year, you are able to finish onboarding an average of 2 clients per month.
  • Client Happiness Rating. The clients that you support give you  an onboarding NPS (customer happiness) rating of 50 or better. That means the majority of clients score you a 9 or 10 out of 10. 
  • Onboarding Completion Time. Onboarding clients complete the onboarding process in a median time of less than 90 days.
  • Education Hours. The Onboarding Specialist will complete 3 hours per quarter in work related education or training.

Are You Our Next Teammate?

We’d love to be in touch. Please apply online with a resume and cover letter. If there’s mutual interest, we’ll reach out to you to collect additional information. Thanks, and we’re looking forward to meeting you.