Powered by Passion + Purpose

We’re transforming negative emotions into something positive for our employees, partners, and customers.

What We Do

You know that feeling you get when you have to pay your taxes each year? Imagine having that feeling every single month as a business owner. At TaxValet, we eliminate those feelings of hassle and stress business owners have when dealing with sales tax.

Why We Do It

Our Core Purpose is to transform negative emotions into something positive for our clients, partners, and employees. We believe that the work we do is a reflection of our higher purpose in life. And if the work isn’t fulfilling and enjoyable, what’s the point?

Taxvalet’s Vision for the Future

We have a passion-fueled vision for the future that we want the best people in the world to be a part of.

If our vision resonates with you, then let’s talk. 

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Company pays for 100% of vision, dental, and medical insurance for full-time employees.

Company Vacations

We work and play hard so we can take company-sponsored trips when we meet our targets.

Start-up Mentality

We’re growing fast, and shaping our destiny.

Fun Team

An awesome team that stays positive.

Engaging Work

Work that keeps you engaged, and constantly learning. 

Work Remotely

No commute. No traffic. No pants. Just kidding, wear pants.

Volunteer Time

1% of company time devoted to charities and non-profits.

Other benefits include…

  • 43 days of time off per year (22 holidays + 21 days of PTO)
  • Company profit sharing (after waiting period)
  • 401(k) option with company matching
  • Short and long-term disability insurance
  • Ergonomic desk setup

It’s The People


“People are the foundation of any company’s success. The primary job of each manager is to help people be more effective in their job and to grow and develop. We have great people who want to do well, are capable of doing great things, and come to work fired up to do them. Great people flourish in an environment that liberates and amplifies that energy. Managers create this environment through support, respect, and trust. Support means giving people the tools, information, training, and coaching they need to succeed. It means continuous effort to develop people’s skills. Great managers help people excel and grow.”

Our Core Values

Our core values are baked into everything we do at TaxValet.

Feel It: We empathize with the human beyond the task.

Shape It: We are the masters of our destiny and take action to create the future we want.

Own It: We take responsibility for the outcomes, both good and bad.

Crush It: We relentlessly pursue exponential improvements in our business and life.

You Might Be a Good Fit If…

Here are some attributes that could indicate you’d fit in here:

• You resonate with our core values and core purpose

• You’re a self-starter who doesn’t need constant poking and prodding.

• You are resourceful and are not afraid to learn new skills or technologies

• You’re always learning and growing as a person.

• You know how to stay positive under stress and deadlines.




Our Hiring Process

We’re committed to finding the absolute best people out there to join our team. That being said, our hiring process might be a bit more involved than what you’re accustomed to. Here’s all that’s involved:

  • Initial application review
  • Invitation to provide additional background information and take some assessments
  • Brief interview
  • Personality assessment
  • Longer interview
  • Meeting with personality consultant
  • Reference check with past managers
  • Credit / background check
  • Offer!

All told, the process will likely take 3-4 weeks start to finish. This might sound like an involved process (it is) but the upside to our employees is we get to surround ourselves with people who are a joy to work with.