Avalara vs TaxJar vs TaxValet

See how TaxValet compares to Avalara vs TaxJar. If you’re considering which option is best, this guide is for you.

Why Choose TaxValet Over Avalara vs TaxJar

TaxValet, Avalara, and TaxJar all provide varying degrees of sales tax automation at different price points. But there’s much more to sales tax management than the convenience of automated filing and payments. Every online seller should consider these 5 essential functions of a complete sales tax solution:

Customer Service

TaxValetDone For You



Dedicated Sales Tax Accountant When you need help, will you work with the same person who is familiar with your setup, or get a random support person each time?

Audits Managed for You Will sales tax audits be managed by an expert who can avoid costly pitfalls? Or will you need to DIY it?

Dedicated Onboarding Support Will someone be walking you through the strategy, decision making, and configuration, or will you need to do this on your own?


Audit Guarantee Do they guarantee that you won't pay for underpaid sales tax and penalties if it was due to a mistake they made?


Live Support Do they provide free live phone and Zoom support?


Sales Tax Compliance

TaxValetDone For You



Hands-Free Data Sync (ALL Channels) Will the solution work with your data no matter where you sell, or will you need to spend hours to download, modify, and upload each month?

Fix Historical Problems Can your solution strategize how to minimize past-due liabilities and then handle it for you, or will you need to DIY it?

Automated Filing & Payments

Sales Tax Permit Registrations


Misc. Returns Handled If you need misc. returns submitted (like CA's e-waste return) will that be handled for you, or will you need to DIY it?

Filing Guarantee Do they guarantee your returns will be filed on-time or they'll cover late penalties?

Risk Mitigation

TaxValetDone For You



Comprehensive Nexus Assessment Will ALL nexus risk factors be considered regularly so you aren't missing sales tax permits?


Sales Tax Setting Management Will your sales tax collection settings be regularly monitored and updated to ensure you aren't under-collecting tax, or will you need to DIY it?

Under/Over Payment Monitoring Will someone regularly test if you are collecting the right amount of tax across your systems and then make updates to ensure you're in compliance?

Use Tax Remittance


Resale Certificate Expert Will resale certificates be created for you so that you don't pay sales tax on wholesale orders?


TaxValetDone For You



Overall Price


Predictable & Transparent Pricing

Money-Back Guarantee


TaxValetDone For You



Live Tax Rate Calculation (API) Do they offer tax calculation services for your sales channels via API?

Customer Portal Can you sign-in to a web portal to manage your sales tax? TaxValet prefers a more hands-on approach.

Custom Data Workflows Can the solution create custom-tailored processes for your business to ensure sales tax compliance?

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What's the Difference Between TaxValet vs Avalara vs TaxJar?

TaxValet, Avalara, and TaxJar all provide varying degrees of sales tax automation. But truly eliminating the burdens, risks, and hassles of compliance requires a comprehensive done-for-you service with guidance tailored to your business, not a generalized software tool.

Where Avalara and TaxJar offer self-service tax software putting the onus entirely on you, TaxValet provides complete, comprehensive sales tax support with a dedicated accountant addressing the needs unique to your company.

Making even a single misstep with nexus analysis, tax configuration, or product determinations in a DIY model can quickly spiral into five or six-figure audit liability. TaxValet's experts handle every intricate detail for you - no need to become the sales tax expert alongside running your enterprise.

What’s the best fit for your business? Convenience and cost may play a big role, but at the end of the day, proper sales tax management is all about mitigating risk exposure. Below, we’ll highlight the 5 key areas to consider before selecting any sales tax solution.

TaxValet vs TaxJar vs Avalara: Which is the Most Complete Sales Tax Solution?


Customer Service

TaxValet provides white-glove service and assigns you a dedicated sales tax accountant for individualized, proactive guidance. This includes unlimited phone/email support, real-time answers from someone familiar with your business's needs, and an extensive audit protection guarantee that no DIY software matches. Should anything fall through the cracks, our unparalleled Audit Guarantee covers 100% of exposure vs competitors offering limited calculation engine accuracy guarantees alone.

Avalara and TaxJar funnel multiple clients to general ticketing queues relying on back-and-forth emails with random reps unaware of your specific business circumstances. Support is exclusively self-service and you’re responsible for managing the sales tax function. Their audit guarantees scoop up a tiny sliver of potential liability tied just to tax decision calculations– they don’t cover missing permits, erroneous system configurations causing under-collection, and failure to file specialty tax returns, etc. which are far more impactful dollar amounts.


Sales Tax Compliance

TaxValet owns compliance A-Z: automatic filings, remittances, registrations, data preparation, cleaning up historical periods, specialty return filing, and essentially any obligation tied to sales tax so you'll always remain protected on all fronts – with no stone left unturned. Our library of connectors can model any unique integration, say custom Shopify apps or niche European marketplaces unfamiliar with basic US-centric software. Have an arcane manual billing process? We'll ingest the data, reformat sales records, and ready everything for compliant decisions and filings specific to your workflows.

Avalara and TaxJar check the basic boxes of filing automation contingent on available integrations matching your tech stack. The forced DIY approach handicaps businesses by forcing them to have the expertise and time to manage sales tax effectively. Gaps like missing data integrations, specialty return filings, and not supporting historical cleanup require workarounds or third-party services -- more Band-Aids to implement and manage internally.


Proactive Risk Mitigation

TaxValet delivers multilayered strategies to prevent issues before they arise and reduce audit risks over time. This encompasses nexus assessments identifying new permit obligations, variances detecting over/under collection of tax, automatic use tax payments, credential management for valid exemptions, and ongoing consultations when tax implications change.

Avalara and TaxJar offer minimal to zero comparable protections. Their reactive software may track economic nexus thresholds and store some customer exemption certificates, but they lack broader evaluations, automated validations/checks for correct tax decisions, or expert guidance translating tax updates into operational action steps for your systems.


Price vs Value

TaxValet offers fair, predictable pricing scaled simply based on the number of state filings. Our reasonable cost matches the premier level of tailored service and accountability provided. Unlike Avalara and TaxJar's opaque pricing with murky variables like transaction volumes, convoluted tiered plans, and costly add-on fees resulting in surprise upcharges.



TaxValet skips unnecessary complexity that overloads clients with extraneous logins, portals, and configuration requirements. Our backend workflows and system connectors focus exclusively on seamless sales data connectivity and filing processes. The complexity sits with our team, not yours.

The forced self-service nature of Avalara's and TaxJar’s software demands hands-on attention across multiple interfaces to leverage base capabilities, ensure optimal settings, sync integrations, and more. Added workload for clients better spent operating their core business.

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TaxValet vs TaxJar vs Avalara: What's the Best Fit for Your Business?

TaxValet is ideal for small to midsize ecommerce & SaaS businesses doing $1M - $50M in annual revenue that want hands-off sales tax management without an in-house team. TaxValet perfectly suits growth-stage ecommerce companies that want to completely outsource sales tax compliance, without the risk of costly errors and oversights.

Avalara matches best with larger enterprises that have existing tax departments with specialized staff to handle integration, customization, and ongoing support. The extensive capabilities require tax expertise to be utilized fully. Avalara’s self-service model only thrives with ample internal resources.

TaxJar caters to extremely small businesses with simple needs - think solopreneurs and microbusinesses with just a single sales channel. TaxJar provides basic automation for those handling compliance themselves but doesn't scale to accommodate complex multichannel setups.

Top Reasons Why Ecommerce Businesses Choose TaxValet as a TaxJar and Avalara Alternative



1. TaxValet Provides Exceptional Industry-Leading Customer Support

TaxValet stands out by providing exceptional personalized service and support from your dedicated sales tax accountant. With TaxValet, you'll never be left figuring things out on your own. Your accountant will proactively monitor changes affecting your business, provide tailored advice, and address any questions or concerns with in-depth expertise.

This white-glove guidance maximizes both compliance and savings opportunities specific to your needs - something no self-service software can match. Your business isn't one-size-fits-all, and neither is TaxValet's service approach.


2. TaxValet is a Completely Done-for-You Sales Tax Service

Filing and payment automation is just the beginning. TaxValet provides complete sales tax compliance management from A-Z, taking every facet off your plate. From registrations and nexus analysis to system setup, audit support, and reporting - TaxValet does it all for you.

The all-inclusive service ensures nothing falls through the cracks. No need to patch together multiple software or services trying to cover everything sales tax entails. TaxValet is your full-fledged outsourced sales tax department.


3. TaxValet Covers any Mistakes Found Under Audit They Caused

With DIY tax software, an audit finding is your liability. But TaxValet offers full audit guarantees for peace of mind. If an audit uncovers any past-due tax or other errors directly caused by TaxValet, they absorb up to 100% of the cost.

TaxValet's experts proactively maintain compliance, but further protect you by accepting responsibility for oversights. You get both extensive risk reduction AND accountability if anything is missed. No more need to stress about the severe penalties of permit or filing issues.


4. TaxValet can Sync Data with ALL Your Systems

Tax calculation and filing automation hinges on integrating your sales systems. However many solutions only sync with select platforms. TaxValet provides seamless connections with all systems regardless of your tech stack.

TaxValet’s hands-free sync eliminates manual reporting, ensuring accurate tax decisions automatically. No more exporting reports, uploading data files, or cross-checking figures across channels. Just smooth data flow directly to TaxValet’s filings.


5. TaxValet Includes Expert Sales Tax Advice and Consulting

Sales tax software leaves you on the hook for monitoring changing regulations. But TaxValet’s advisors actively notify you of new laws, requirements, and rulings to consider. They don't just tell you what's changing, but consult on how it may impact your systems, products, and customers.

Ongoing expertise like this is invaluable. Whether guiding your permit registration strategy or conducting nuanced taxability analysis of your catalog, TaxValet provides specialized insights you can't get from any software.

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