Why TaxValet is the right Avalara or TaxJar alternative

Avalara and TaxJar are big names in the sales tax compliance software industry. They can automate filing and payments, but when it comes to true peace of mind and protecting your business, you need more than just a few lines of code.

That's where TaxValet comes in. We're not another DIY software solution. We're your very own Fractional Sales Tax Department, ready to tackle everything from confusing nexus to terrifying audits.

Let’s break down the differences and show you how TaxValet stacks up against the competition.

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Bird’s eye view: Avalara vs TaxJar vs TaxValet

When it comes to sales tax compliance, Avalara, TaxJar, and TaxValet are three potential options. While we all offer some level of automation, the approaches are very different:


Sales Tax Software

Avalara and TaxJar provide self-service tax software, a great tool for businesses that have the time and resources to manage their own compliance. However, this approach does place the ultimate responsibility for accuracy and timeliness on your shoulders.


Fractional Sales Tax Department

TaxValet acts as an extension of your team, providing a dedicated sales tax department that handles every aspect of your compliance journey. Our team of experts works with you to understand your unique business needs and tailor our services accordingly.

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Top 5 reasons why ecommerce businesses choose TaxValet over Avalara vs TaxJar as their sales tax compliance solution

When you’re evaluating sales tax solutions, it's important to go beyond just convenience and cost. You should prioritize mitigating risk too, unless you want to stare down the barrel of a five or six-figure audit bill.

Let’s explore five key areas where TaxValet, Avalara, and TaxJar differ.



Endless back-and-forth with outsourced reps or dedicated sales tax experts in your corner?

Avalara and TaxJar:

They rely on standard FAQs, online resources, and ticketing systems for support. Access to actual sales tax experts doesn’t exist or comes at an additional cost. You end up waiting, getting impersonal responses, or no response at all. You're essentially left to navigate the complexities of sales tax on your own, increasing your risk of errors and oversights.


With TaxValet, you gain your own Fractional Sales Tax Department acting as an extension of your business. Your assigned team provides personalized guidance and support, proactively monitoring your compliance and addressing any questions or concerns you may have. It’s a true white-glove service.

Expertise & Support

TaxValetFractional Sales Tax Department



Dedicated Team of Experts Will you have a dedicated team of experts who are handling each aspect of your sales tax compliance?

Personalized Sales Tax Strategy Will you work with consultants who create personalized recommendations for your unique situation? This includes providing recommendations for how to clean-up historical issues.

Proactive Compliance Monitoring Do they monitor state changes and proactively inform you if adjustments need to be made?


Call/Text/Email/Meeting Support Do they provide free unlimited live support?



Turnkey, tailored coverage or patchwork of limited solutions?

Avalara and TaxJar:

They offer basic filing automation, but they often leave gaps in coverage and rely on manual updates and on your intervention. This DIY approach can be time-consuming and risky, as you’re responsible for staying on top of changing regulations and ensuring accuracy. Plus, gaps in data integration, specialty return filings, and historical exposure can lead to compliance issues and potential penalties.


We take a proactive and comprehensive approach to compliance management. We start with a thorough nexus analysis to determine your exact obligations in every state. Then, we handle everything from permit registrations and filings, to payments and ongoing monitoring of changing regulations. Your dedicated team ensures your business remains compliant, leaving no stone unturned.

Compliance Management

TaxValetFractional Sales Tax Department



Automated Filing & Payments

Misc. Returns Handled If you need misc. returns submitted (like CA's e-waste return) will that be handled for you, or will you need to DIY it?

Sales Tax Setting Management Do they set up, test, and continually monitor your sales tax settings to ensure you are not over or under charging sales tax AND make changes if needed so you don't over/under collect tax?

Comprehensive Nexus Analysis Do they perform a comprehensive nexus analysis to examine both economic nexus AND physical presence? Software frequently both misses states AND will report you having nexus (even though you don't) because details are missed.

Resale Certificate Preparation Will they prepare resale certificates for you so you can purchase products for resale tax-free?

Use Tax Remittance Do they support paying use tax on purchases you made that you didn't pay sales tax on? This is important under audit!


Voluntary Disclosure Agreements Can they engage in Voluntary Disclosure with the state if you're substantially behind on sales tax? This can save you a lot of cash! (Note: Most clients don't use this)


Permit Registrations Do they register for sales tax permits and set-up the accounts for you so you're ready for filing? This is a huge burden for businesses.



Ironclad audit protection or coverage gaps that could cost you?

Avalara and TaxJar:

They offer limited guarantees and no audit support which can leave you exposed to significant financial risks. Their guarantees typically only cover errors in tax calculations, leaving you vulnerable to penalties for issues like missing permits, incorrect system configurations, or failure to file specialty returns. This patchwork approach can leave you scrambling for help and facing hefty fines during a stressful audit.


With TaxValet, you get industry-leading audit protection that goes beyond basic guarantees. Our expert team handles the entire audit process on your behalf, from responding to inquiries to representing you before tax authorities. We also cover any penalties or interest incurred if we make any errors. So you can get back to sleeping peacefully at night, knowing everything is taken care of.

Audit Protection

TaxValetFractional Sales Tax Department



Full Audit Representation Do they manage sales tax audits for you entirely (and not just provide you with records to manage it yourself)?

Penalty and Interest Coverage Do they guarantee that you won't owe anything under audit for anything they're responsible for covering? See service agreement for additional details.



Predictable costs you can budget for or hidden fees that could sting?

Avalara and TaxJar:

They often have opaque pricing structures with hidden fees and unpredictable costs. Their pricing may be based on factors like transaction volume, number of filings, or specific features, leading to unexpected charges as your business grows or your needs change. This lack of transparency can make it difficult to budget and plan for your sales tax compliance expenses.


With TaxValet, you know exactly how much you pay each month. You get your sales tax department at a simple, flat-rate monthly rate based on your business size and the number of states you operate in. No hidden fees, no surprise charges, just clear and upfront costs that allow you to budget with confidence and avoid unexpected financial burdens.

Pricing & Transparency

TaxValetFractional Sales Tax Department



Overall Price


Transparent, Flat-Rate Pricing Will you pay the same amount each month if you're filing in the same amount of states, or can pricing fluctuate?

Money-Back Guarantee Do they guarantee you'll love the service, and if you don't, provide a refund?

Unlimited Free Transactions Are transactions free, or will you pay as your volume grows?



Effortless integration and real automation or headaches and manual work?

Avalara and TaxJar:

They often require significant technical expertise and you have to get your hands “dirty”. You'll need to navigate multiple interfaces, configure settings, and troubleshoot integrations, adding to your workload and taking time away from what you’re great at. The complexity can be overwhelming if you don’t have dedicated IT resources.


We prioritize simplicity and peace of mind. Our team handles the complex backend technology and integrations, ensuring seamless connectivity with your sales channels and a smooth flow of data. You won't need to navigate multiple platforms or struggle with complicated configurations. We take care of the technical heavy lifting, so you can focus on running your business.


TaxValetFractional Sales Tax Department



Done-for-You Data Integrations Can the solution pull data from all of your sales channels without you needing to download, prepare, upload, or send data?

No Technical Expertise Required

Customer Portal Can you sign-in to a web portal to manage your sales tax? Since everything is done-for-you at TaxValet, our clients don't need a portal to manage things themselves.

Not Req'd

Live Tax Rate Calculation (API) Do they offer tax calculation services for your sales channels via API? Note: TaxValet uses existing free tax settings already available. If they aren't available, we can provide recommendations for a third-party tool and help set it up.

They chose peace of mind

“I had tried companies like Avalara and they were enterprise solutions where I was stuck in another burdensome process. It seriously brought me to tears sometimes… How rare is it to align with someone who loves doing what you absolutely loathe.”

— Dafina Smith

“TaxValet has been THE miracle cure-all. They are super prompt, proactive, detail oriented and LOVELY people who WANT to help you. Unlike Avalara who are basically the opposite, to them you are like cattle on a conveyor belt”

— Charles B.

“With new economic nexus laws coming into effect this year, the prospect of filing monthly sales tax returns in 18 (!) states was overwhelming. I had tried to build a system using TaxJar, but they were unable to support our store due to limitations with their product. TaxValet has been a godsend.”

— Danny Fein


Get your own Fractional Sales Tax Department and none of the compliance hassle or risk

  • Dedicated sales tax expert: Personalized guidance and support, not just generic FAQs and automated responses.
  • Proactive compliance management: We handle everything from nexus analysis to filings and audits, so you don't have to.
  • Ironclad audit protection: Our guarantee covers penalties and interest, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Transparent, flat-rate pricing: No hidden fees or surprise costs, just predictable monthly payments.
  • Done-for-you integrations: We handle the complexity, so you can focus on your business.

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