TaxValet Takes the Hassle and Risk out of Sales Tax by Doing It for You

You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your business is protected by our team of experts.  

TaxValet Takes the Hassle and Risk out of Sales Tax by Doing It for You

You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your business is protected by our team of experts. 

We’re Sales Tax Defenders

We protect our clients by reducing their risk of costly audits, penalties, and assessments. 

We’re different because we handle everything for you, and won’t leave you to figure things out yourself.

How TaxValet Can Help


Sales Tax Starter Kit

Get expert advice on where you owe sales tax and what to do.

Done-for-You Monthly Service

Let our team of experts handle all of your sales tax filings each month.

Sales Tax Permit Registrations

Get your sales tax licenses quickly without wasting time.

How to Take Action

Here are three ways to evaluate if we are the best fit for your needs:

1. Schedule an initial consultation by clicking here

2. Send an email to

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Top 3 Reasons to Consider TaxValet

Your risk for an expensive sales tax audit will decrease.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your sales tax is managed correctly.

You won’t waste time, money, and frustration on sales tax each month.

Why Proper Sales Tax Management Matters

1. Audits can cost you a small fortune and could have an unlimited lookback period . Don’t fall victim to state auditors. We’ve worked with businesses that were carrying over a million dollars in historical liabilities they weren’t even aware of. The best time to prevent costly audits is before they happen.

2. Making a simple mistake could cost you anxiety, frustration, and (most importantly) wasted time. The unfortunate reality is that sales tax paperwork is complex and fraught with risk. Making even the slightest mistake could mean wasting hours on the phone with states. What more valuable things could you be working on if it weren’t for sales tax?

3. Setting-up your sales tax systems incorrectly could cost you thousands each month. You could be paying out-of-pocket for sales tax if your systems are not set-up to collect is accurately. We’ve seen clients under-collecting by tens of thousands of dollars each month until we identified and resolved the problem.


Happy clients.

Highly organized and great follow through. All expectations of service are laid out during onboarding and they have followed through with every promise. They are also very transparent and you have access to understand exactly what they are doing. I love not worrying about my sales tax and knowing that they use great organizational software and processes to keep up with their clients needs. With dozens of states to manage I really needed their help and I am so glad I found them!

David Anderson

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We run a small national online business, and sales tax seemed, frankly, daunting and scary. I’m so glad we found Tax Valet, because they made it easy and remarkably painless. They take care of all the myriad details with ease, so our team to do what we do without getting bogged down. I’ve always found Tax Valet to be efficient, informed, trustworthy, prompt, and a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t be happier with our experience so far.

Ocean Robbins

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TaxValet has been a dream to work with. Sales Tax is no joke and the last thing you need is to miss a step or a state. TaxValet takes the time to help in every way possible to ensure setting up and paying state sales tax is painless. TaxValet allows us to focus on our business knowing there is one less headache to worry about. Worth every penny.

Nate Christenson

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