Never lose sleep over sales tax again

Tap into your Fractional Sales Tax Department and get the confidence of knowing you’re always compliant – across all 50 states and no matter how complex your business gets.


300+ fast-growing brands trust TaxValet to save an average of $301,496 in audit costs

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“Working with TaxValet gave me complete confidence that my company is up to date with all sales tax laws country-wide. Even better, I no longer have to spend my time working on sales tax projects, I can focus on what I actually do for a living.”

Tyler Malinky


Now I have an accountable team double-checking everything instead of an app that could disconnect at any time. I don’t lose sleep worrying that I’ll owe back taxes if software fails me.”

Mark C.



“It made my life so much easier and gave me peace of mind knowing sales tax was being handled completely by experts. I went from confusion and noncompliance to having a smooth, simple sales tax process without any effort on my part.”

Mehul P.

Your own Fractional Sales Tax Department

Let TaxValet handle all your compliance hassles, from figuring out where you owe sales tax to filings and audits. So you can keep compliant while focusing on growing your business.

Your 360º Sales Tax Blueprint


Pinpoint your exact sales tax obligations, no more guesswork

Stop stressing about where you owe sales tax. Your TaxValet team analyzes your business to pinpoint your nexus obligations, keeping you compliant and penalty-free.



Finally get some sleep, never worry about another audit

Never lose sleep over a sales tax audit ever again. We proactively minimize audit risk and manage any you might face, so you can focus on growing your business.


Get sales tax expertise, not just calculations

Get the human touch and expert guidance you need to navigate sales tax with confidence. From nexus reviews and permit registrations, to audit defense and ongoing support. No stress, no risk.


The sales tax system wants you to fail.

Sales tax software failed you.

Ignoring the problem will fail you.

TaxValet won’t.

When you work with us, you get our “Sleep Easy” triple guarantee.


30 day risk-free

If in the first month you don’t think we’re the best solution for your sales tax hassles, you don’t pay.


360° Audit-protection

If you ever go through an audit and we mess up, we cover all your costs.


Unlimited transactions

Unlike software, we guarantee no extra charges for additional transactions as you grow.

Turn obligations into opportunities

Whether you’re currently using software, working with a CPA, or another provider, our dedicated onboarding team has got you covered.

So you can finally stop worrying and start growing.

No matter how overwhelmed you are

Our team handles everything from nexus reviews and permits to system setup and historical exposure, typically in under 60 days. You get expert support every step of the way.

For less than an entry-level employee

Get a full team of multi-state sales tax experts on your side, at a simple, transparent, flat monthly rate. No hidden fees, overage charges or compounding billable hours.

With access to real human help

Get a dedicated team of sales tax experts always ready to answer questions, provide guidance, and keep you compliant, backed by a comprehensive knowledge base of online resources.

Does sales tax compliance make you want to rip your eyeballs out?

You’re not alone.


How it works

1. Free consultation

We’ll discuss your unique situation, answer your questions, and develop a personalized roadmap to address your sales tax needs and minimize risk. Get started now.

2. AuditReady action plan

Our team will conduct a thorough nexus review, register for necessary permits, and address any historical exposure, so you’re fully prepared for compliance.

3. Seamless setup

We’ll set your tax collection systems up for accurate calculation and collection, and make sure you’re collecting the right amount of sales tax in every state.

4. Ongoing compliance and support

Relax and focus on your business while we handle your filings, payments, and provide ongoing support and expert guidance.


The avg. audit costs over $300K! Our clients pay $0 with our audit protection guarantee.


Average number of state emails & letters we process for a client each year.


TaxValet clients reduce their sales tax audit risk by an $1.8 million on avg. per year.


TaxValet’s world-class NPS for customer satisfaction over the last 5 years.

Stop chasing tax codes, go after growth

Let TaxValet handle your sales tax compliance so you can focus on what matters most.
Let’s create your free sales tax roadmap so you can start growing your business with confidence.