TaxValet vs Software

The big lie.

Sales tax software only helps with filing & payments. What about everything else?

The truth about sales tax software.


Software doesn't save time.

You’ll still have to download & format data, review tax collections & settings regularly, make sure filings and payments actually go through (and you’re not overpaying!), manage audits ... and more.

Software doesn't eliminate risk.

The average sales tax audit costs a business over $300K. Who’s going to ensure your tax settings, transaction data, and other manual processes are 100% accurate? All it takes is one small mistake to quickly cost a fortune.



Software doesn't provide expertise.

What happens when you need help and it’s not there? Software won’t provide a dedicated sales tax expert who knows your business—and looks out for potential problems before they happen.

Don’t be fooled.

Sales tax software does NOT do it all for you.

TaxValet vs. Sales Tax Software



Sales tax

Dedicated Sales Tax Expert You'll have a dedicated Personal Sales Tax Expert overseeing every aspect of your sales tax management, serving as your primary contact. Reach out to them anytime, and they'll liaise with state agencies as needed.

Comprehensive Sales Tax Support Team Your Comprehensive Sales Tax Support Team, including a Permit Coordinator, Client Tax Specialist, and Audit Manager, ensures all your sales tax needs are met. Access the entire team anytime.

Hassle-Free Filings & Payments Your Personal Sales Tax Expert will efficiently manage monthly sales tax returns and payment confirmations for you.

Unlimited Live Support

Strategy & Planning Create a comprehensive strategy with our team of experts to get and stay compliant efficiently.

Expert Audit Defense Should a sales tax audit arise, our Expert Audit Defense team will work with state agencies on your behalf to minimize tax liability (limit: 3 audits/year).

360º Nexus Reviews We will determine where you likely have sales tax and gross receipts tax nexus based on economic nexus, physical presence, and more complicated nexus triggers.

Sales Tax Settings Optimization We'll configure and test your sales tax settings across sales channels, optimizing tax collection accuracy (access required).

Resolution Planning for Past Issues We'll assist in identifying and planning resolutions for any missing filings or payments.

Legislative Update Monitoring Stay informed with our Legislative Update Monitoring, as we review relevant legislation and notify you of any potential impacts on your business.

Voluntary Disclosure Agreements We'll evaluate your past sales tax exposure to identify potential savings and liability reduction through VDAs.

Over/Under Payment Checks Our Quarterly Tax Accuracy Review assesses your collected and paid taxes compared to our calculations, helping us fine-tune your tax settings for optimal accuracy.

100% Hands-Free Data Transfer Experience seamless data integration as your Personal Sales Tax Expert downloads, reviews, and prepares transaction data from all sales channels for filings. (Note: Access to sales channels is required; otherwise, email us your data.)

Notice Management & Mail Processing Enjoy Streamlined Mail Handling as we provide a mailbox, receive, scan, and review state mail on your behalf, ensuring prompt and accurate follow-ups.

Smooth Permit Registration & Migration We'll efficiently register your sales tax and gross receipts tax accounts, migrate existing permits and address any registration issues by liaising with states.

Works with Your CPA We'll work directly with your CPA, accountant or bookkeeper so you won't need to get pulled into the nitty-gritty details.

Calling States for You

Fixed Pricing


It’s time for a complete solution.

One that actually:
Does EVERYTHING for you.
🧠 Lets you STOP THINKING about sales tax.
🛡️ MINIMIZES RISK to your business.
🤝 And GUARANTEES it all.