Sales Tax Audit Defense

Never fear another sales tax audit again

Worried about facing a sales tax audit? It really is a matter of time before a business gets targeted. Audits can happen for all sorts of reasons, and a single oversight in your compliance can lead to crippling penalties and disrupt your business for months.

With TaxValet you get complete peace of mind:

  • Proactive compliance monitoring
  • Expert audit representation
  • Dedicated strategic guidance
  • Full audit guarantee

300+ fast-growing brands trust TaxValet to save an average of $301,496 in audit costs

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TaxValet’s AuditReady Action Plan

Why you need more than just software to protect you from sales tax audits

Missing permits can lead to costly penalties

Sales tax audits are practically inevitable, and auditors are always looking for any detail to expand the audit's scope. Did you know that simply having an employee working remotely in a new state can trigger sales tax nexus and require a permit? Keeping up with these changes is crucial, but complex.

How TaxValet helps: Unlike software solutions that only scratch the surface, we conduct in-depth nexus reviews, considering dozens of factors such as whether your business has a physical presence in a state (like an office or warehouse), if you work with affiliates or partners located in different states, and your company's marketing presence, including online advertising and attending trade shows. This ensures you have the correct permits in every state where you have obligations, preventing costly penalties.


A single misstep can expose you to more liability

Auditors are skilled at uncovering potential liabilities, and even seemingly innocent interactions can lead to unintended consequences. They may request information you're not legally obligated to provide, hoping to expand the audit's scope. Without expert guidance, you could unknowingly expose your business to further risks and penalties.

How TaxValet helps: Our experienced team acts as your advocate throughout the audit process. We'll ensure you only provide the necessary information, protect your rights, and navigate the auditor's requests strategically, minimizing your exposure and maximizing your chances of a favorable outcome.

Inaccurate tax settings put you at risk

Even if you believe you're doing everything right, audits can still wreak havoc on your business. Discrepancies between sales tax collected and the amount due can signal underlying issues with your system configuration, exposing you to costly penalties during an audit.

How TaxValet helps: We conduct regular tax variance checks, identifying and addressing any discrepancies to ensure accurate tax collection and minimize your exposure.


Hidden issues can derail your compliance

Most business owners lack the experience to manage an audit strategically and protect their rights. Even seemingly minor oversights in your sales tax compliance can turn into major audit risks. Without expert review and proactive management, these problems can easily go unnoticed.

How TaxValet helps: We conduct in-depth internal audits, meticulously reviewing your account to identify, prevent, and fix potential issues before they become audit triggers.

TaxValet’s RockSolid Audit Management Process

You’re being audited. Now what?

1. Notification

When you receive an audit notice, we immediately step in as your advocate. Our team verifies all the details, ensuring the auditor has the legal authority required, confirming the scope of the audit is accurate, and acting as your primary point of contact. This shields you from unnecessary stress and allows you to focus on running your business.

2. Preparation

We establish clear communication channels and a secure system for managing all audit-related documentation. We'll schedule a preparation meeting to gather information and guide you through the process, ensuring you're fully informed and prepared.

3. Analysis

Our experts work with you to gather and verify all necessary data, going beyond basic compliance checks. We conduct a thorough analysis to identify not only potential liabilities but also opportunities to challenge the auditor's findings and minimize any potential penalties. We'll communicate our findings to you before submitting anything to the auditor.

4. Resolution

We review the auditor's findings with you and recommend appropriate actions. If you disagree with the findings, we'll explore options for appeal and guide you through the process, always working to achieve the best possible outcome for your business.

5. Closure

We document all audit results and provide you with a clear summary, ensuring complete transparency. We then analyze the findings to identify any needed adjustments to your sales tax processes, maximizing your compliance and minimizing future audit risks.

Find out how TaxValet can protect your business from audits

Let’s jump on a call to show you how TaxValet can take the stress out of multi-state sales tax and protect your business from impending audit threats.

The TaxValet’s 360° Audit-Protection Guarantee

How you can save $301k and sleep easy again

The average sales tax audit costs businesses $301,496.

With TaxValet, you won't pay a penny for penalties or interest resulting from our work*. Sales tax software won’t cover missing permits, incorrect settings, or outdated tax rates. We take full responsibility for the compliance services we provide, giving you complete peace of mind.

*See service agreement for details.


Since signing up I haven't had to worry about sales tax, filing on time, accurately, where to file, etc, etc. The service is really worth every penny!

— Scott Henning

“If we would have known about them sooner it could have saved us $100,000.”

— Sam K.

"An unexpected benefit is the included audit assistance, which proved invaluable when I got hit with an audit shortly after signing up. Now I have confidence that my business is fully compliant, and I can focus on growth rather than tax headaches."

— Lindsay H.

Your Fractional Sales Tax Department

From nexus to strategy and beyond.

Nexus determination and reviews

Unsure about your sales tax obligations? We pinpoint your exact nexus in every state, ensuring compliance and minimizing risk.

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Sales tax strategy and planning

Develop a proactive sales tax strategy that minimizes risk and maximizes efficiency. We'll help you create a custom plan tailored to your business goals.

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Dedicated sales tax expertise and expert guidance

Get personalized guidance and support from a dedicated sales tax expert who understands your unique business needs.

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During your free consultation, we'll cover:

😵‍💫 Notices, back-taxes & other sales tax messes: to help you stop the bleeding, minimize liabilities, and regain control over your sales tax situation.

😱 The biggest sales tax risks for YOUR business: to identify your specific vulnerabilities, so you can prioritize compliance efforts and proactively protect your business from audits.

😡 How to eliminate sales tax software : to address the limitations of software and ensure accurate, reliable compliance moving forward.

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