Let our team of experts handle your sales tax each month.

Eliminate the hassle and stress of sales tax.

Why the Done-for-You Service Exists

Why the Done-for-You Service Exists

Sales tax can be one of the most frustrating things on the planet for a business owner to deal with. It’s complicated, time-consuming and fraught with risk. And it’s probably the worst way to spend your time.

Shoot, just figuring out where you have sales tax nexus practically requires a PhD.

The truth is, most people don’t have the specialized knowledge or time to deal with sales tax on their own. Or if they do try to do it on their own, they are prone to making mistakes that cost them a small fortune.

What you need is an affordable service and knowledgeable team you can depend on to handle your sales tax correctly each month.

That’s why we created the Done-for-You Sales Tax Service. 

What’s Included in Our Service

Our Done-for-You service includes just about everything that a business owner would need with respect to sales tax.

You can think of it like having a miniature sales tax department that is handling your work and reports directly to you.

Oh, and it only costs a small fraction of what a sales tax department would.

Our 200% Money Back Guarantee

If we haven’t eliminated the hassle and stress of sales tax for you, we’ll refund you for the unsatisfactory work and migrate you to another service provider free of charge. (Pssst… no one has ever taken us up on this)

Sales Tax Filings and Payments

No sales tax service would be complete without this, right? We’ll handle your filings and payments, plus we’ll check-in with your team throughout the process to provide status updates. All your records will be neatly organized in the event you need them.

Personalized Support

We love when our clients call us. Partly because we are doing sales tax all day and need some human interaction. But seriously, just call your dedicated account manager if you ever have questions about your filings or data.

Help with Tax Collection Settings

We’ll go into your transaction or accounting platforms and assist you with setting up your tax settings. Our team has seen just about every sales tax system out there and knows how to set it up so you collect as accurately as possible.

Help Cleaning Up Past Liabilities

We’ll clean up any outstanding sales tax issues you have. This usually means submitting late returns, finalizing voluntary disclosure agreements, and gaining access to state accounts. No matter how complex the situation, we can handle it.

Help  with Sales Tax Permits

We’ll get your sales tax permits for you by submitting the appropriate paperwork to the states. We’ll also set-up your account with the state so that you are ready to go.

Monthly Mail Processing

You know that feeling of dread you get when you see a letter that came from a government agency? No more … we’ll take care of it! We’ll receive and process your state mail and keep you in the loop.

Help Figuring Out What To Do

Your complex situation will be made simple and you will learn exactly what work needs to be done. Did I mention you’ll have the opportunity to meet directly with the highly knowledgeable (and attractive) author of this page?

Annual Sales Tax Check-In

You’ll meet with one of our consultants to determine how your sales tax situation was changed and to get recommendations on where you should add sales tax permits.

How much is this going to cost?


Great question! In general, we’re not the most expensive company around. But we’re also not the cheapest (and we aren’t trying to be). But we do deliver incredible results at a tremendous value.

We break our pricing down into two areas: our initial set-up and our our recurring filing service.

The initial set-up fee is is $1,500 per month and includes unlimited access to our onboarding team. Initial set-up will typically include getting sales tax permits, gaining access to state accounts, assisting with tax collection settings, verifying your data is clean and accurate, submitting power of attorneys in each state, submitting late returns and more.

The monthly service fee is variable based on the number of returns we file for you per year, but most clients pay between $300 and $700 per month. The amount that you pay is based on how many sales tax returns we file for you.

In order to get an exact price quote please  schedule an initial consultation with us.



Happy customers.

Highly organized and great follow through. All expectations of service are laid out during onboarding and they have followed through with every promise. They are also very transparent and you have access to understand exactly what they are doing. I love not worrying about my sales tax and knowing that they use great organizational software and processes to keep up with their clients needs. With dozens of states to manage I really needed their help and I am so glad I found them!

David Anderson

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We run a small national online business, and sales tax seemed, frankly, daunting and scary. I’m so glad we found Tax Valet, because they made it easy and remarkably painless. They take care of all the myriad details with ease, so our team to do what we do without getting bogged down. I’ve always found Tax Valet to be efficient, informed, trustworthy, prompt, and a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t be happier with our experience so far.

Ocean Robbins

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TaxValet has been a dream to work with. Sales Tax is no joke and the last thing you need is to miss a step or a state. TaxValet takes the time to help in every way possible to ensure setting up and paying state sales tax is painless. TaxValet allows us to focus on our business knowing there is one less headache to worry about. Worth every penny.

Nate Christenson

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