TaxValet Eliminates the Hassle and Stress of Sales Tax by Doing it For You.

Here’s how companies selling physical or digital products can reduce their audit risk by an average of $214K per year .

Let Our Team Do The Messy Sales Tax Work


TaxValet is like having a highly-knowledgeable sales tax department at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself—and risking making expensive mistakes. (Did you know the average sales tax audit costs $114,147?)

100% Risk Free

Don’t pay us anything until after you’ve worked with our team for 30 days and have decided we’re a great fit.

Nexus Analysis + Strategy

Gain clarity on which states pose the greatest risk to your business and what you need to do to protect yourself.

Sales Tax Filings and Payments

Never waste time worrying about sales tax deadlines, payments, or filings. We’ll take care of it for you.

Historical Exposure Cleanup

Gain peace-of-mind knowing that your past-due tax is dealt with. We’ll help minimize your penalties and interest.

Dedicated Sales Tax Manager

 You’ll receive concierge support from your dedicated sales tax accountant. Call or email them at any time.

Tax System Setup

Start collecting sales tax from your customers so you aren’t paying for it out-of-pocket.

Mail Processing

 We’ll receive, scan, and process your state mail and keep you in the loop.

icon - hiring out of state contractors creates sales tax nexus

Regular Nexus Reviews

We’ll meet with you periodically to minimize the risk of sales tax liabilities growing in additional states.

Sales Tax Permit Registrations

 Get the right sales tax permits in each state so you can begin collecting tax from your customers.

FREE HANDOUT: TaxValet’s 7-Step Process to Eliminating Audit Risk


Discover our proven 7-step process for how we minimize our clients’ sales tax audit risk quickly at a reasonable rate.

Our Service is Unique … and Better!

Many of our clients have been burned by sales tax software and other providers in the past. If that’s you, we can help. If not … great! Let us help you get set-up correctly the first time and avoid making the typical expensive mistakes that so many other businesses will make.



Everything Done for You

Simple and Straightforward Pricing

Try Before You Buy – 100% Risk Free

Hassle-Free Setup

Everyone Else


Expensive + Complex Pricing

No Sales Tax Experts or Advice

Bottom-of-the-Barrel Support

100% Do-it-Yourself

✅ Who We Work With

Online Retailers

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Software Companies

(Our clients typically make $1M/yr+ in sales)

🚫 Who We DON’T Work With





What our clients are saying

“Highly organized and great follow through. All expectations of service are laid out during onboarding and they have followed through with every promise. They are also very transparent and you have access to understand exactly what they are doing. I love not worrying about my sales tax and knowing that they use great organizational software and processes to keep up with their clients needs. With dozens of states to manage I really needed their help and I am so glad I found them! ”
David Anderson

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“We run a small national online business, and sales tax seemed, frankly, daunting and scary. I’m so glad we found Tax Valet, because they made it easy and remarkably painless. They take care of all the myriad details with ease, so our team to do what we do without getting bogged down. I’ve always found TaxValet to be efficient, informed, trustworthy, prompt, and a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t be happier with our experience so far.”

Ocean Robbins

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“TaxValet has been a dream to work with. Sales Tax is no joke and the last thing you need is to miss a step or a state. TaxValet takes the time to help in every way possible to ensure setting up and paying state sales tax is painless. TaxValet allows us to focus on our business knowing there is one less headache to worry about. Worth every penny.”
Nate Christenson

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Simple and Reasonable Pricing


How to Work with Us

1. Schedule a quick call with us to determine if we’re right for you.

2. Work with us risk-free for 30 days you won’t pay us a single penny.

#1 Quick Scheduling Tip

We sometimes have a waitlist because we limit the number of new clients we enroll. This is to ensure our new clients get the high-quality service and attention they deserve.

Prospective clients that have already booked their initial call receive priority for new enrollment.

✅ We currently do NOT have a waitlist but will update this section when we do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good fit for the TaxValet Done-for-You Service?

We primarily work with companies that sell physical or digital products (such as e-commerce and software companies) that are between $1M/yr to $50M/yr in size. 

Who is NOT a good fit for the TaxValet Done-for-You Service?

We do not currently work with marijuana dispensaries, hotels, gas stations, wineries, breweries, distilleries, or businesses that sell tobacco products. It’s not a moral thing… sales tax is just a whole different ball game for these industries!

How is working with you different from sales tax software?

Comparing us to Avalara is like comparing your accountant to Quickbooks. Software is a TOOL that YOU can use to Do-it-Yourself. If you are looking for a DIY solution, you should investigate sales tax software. If, however, you are looking for a team of experts that can handle everything for you, you’re at the right place. Quick side note… we’ve had to clean up plenty of disasters that were caused by using the software incorrectly. So, if you go this route, buyer beware.

Do I have to pay for anything else besides your service?

Typically, you won’t need anything else. We’ve structured our service so that it is as inclusive as possible. That being said, if  your sales channels does not provide live tax rate calculation, you might need to purchase a tax rate calculation tool such as Avatax. Contact us if you’re not sure if you need this. We’ll help you get a quote for this additional service if you need it.