How to Write Amazon Listings that Increase Your Conversions and Build Your Brand

by | May 11, 2020

Episode Summary: In this episode, Alex interviews Emma Schermer Tamir of Marketing by Emma who helps Amazon businesses from all around the world boost their sales by creating authentic, compelling Amazon listings.  You will learn how to write Amazon listings that will truly increase conversions and build your brand. 


Emma is offering a free “Copy Optimization Worksheet” here that helps you identify your customers and brand.


Episode Highlights: 

Marketing by Emma’s ideal client: Mostly with online businesses who are working to establish their competitive edge.

Problem Marketing by Emma’s helps solve: How to differentiate from other similar businesses or products

Typical symptoms that clients have before reaching out to Marketing by Emma: Businesses might use a lot of cliched and out-dated marketing language that doesn’t convert.

Common mistakes that folks make before finding Marketing by Emma and her solution: On Amazon, businesses seem to get too caught up in their keywords and maximizing their allocated space. Additionally, it can be difficult to write about yourself or your products.  Emma finds that allowing someone with distance from your business to create this content often allows for more a more compelling listing.

Marketing by Emma’s Valuable Free Action: Get really curious about who your customers are and how they are interacting in the world.

Marketing by Emma’s Valuable Free Resource: Emma is offering a free “Copy Optimization Worksheet” here that helps you identify your customers and brand.

Free PDF: 10 Sneaky Tricks Auditors Use to Catch Businesses

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