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    Why You Need A Multi-State Income Tax Specialist

    In recent years, states have increasingly been going after out-of-state small businesses for unpaid income tax. We expect even MORE audit activity in 2023. 

    If you believe that you only need to pay income tax in your home state, you could be sorely mistaken. Many businesses have income tax obligations in multiple states due to having remote workers, crossing sales thresholds, and other factors. 

    Unfortunately, apportioning income and expenses across state lines is not straightforward. Rules vary in each state, and it is very easy for CPAs to make mistakes unless they were trained specifically on multi-state tax affairs. 

    If your business makes sales in multiple states, most CPAs simply don’t have the expertise that you’ll need to protect your business.  You need someone who specializes in multi-state income tax filings.

    That’s why we’ve created our list of recommended partners who can help you prepare and file multi-state income tax returns in 2023. 


    TaxValet’s List of Recommended Multi-State Income Tax Specialists:






    TaxValet Recommends airCFO for multi-state income tax returns.


    airCFO’s Pricing for Multi-State / Federal Income Tax Returns:
    We offer three value-based packages of income tax compliance and advisory starting at $2,000. Please check out to learn more.

    Services Offered:
    Accounting & Bookkeeping, Fractional CFO, Payroll & HR, and Tax Compliance (including multi-state income tax and R&D tax)

    For fast-growing startups who want to maintain a best-in-class back-office as they scale, airCFO is a finance, accounting & tax partner that provides the team, tools, and expertise for every stage of the startup lifecycle. Unlike pure software solutions or legacy fractional CFO firms, airCFO offers a hybrid model that combines tech-enabled deliverables with value-added advisory services and supports startups from day one through exit. 

    Why you should consider working with airCFO: 

    • A dedicated team of Seasoned Operators, CPAs and MBAs with various industry and business model backgrounds  
    • Startup Tools, Data and Insights- Since 2014, we have been building an unmatched knowledge library focused on startups and their needs
    • Scalable Solution – Peace of mind knowing our team, processes and technology will support you on your journey from seed stage to eventual exit.

    airCFO’s sign-up deadlines:

    For 10/15 extended filing due date: Sign up before 08/01/2023 for timely submission

    Who to contact for an initial consultation: Email or go to and sign up for a discovery call.


    Bookkeeper360 for Multi-State Income Tax Returns

    Pricing for Multi-State / Federal Income Tax Returns:

    Returns start at $1,200 + $250 per state.

    Services Offered:

    Bookkeeper360 provides support for bookkeeping, tax, CFO advisory, payroll & HR, and more. 

    Why you should consider working with Bookkeeper360: 

    Our 100% US-Based team specializes in accounting, advisory, payroll, and tax compliance so business owners can focus on what matters most. We can tailor our approach based on the individual clients’ needs so if all they are looking for is tax preparation that is exactly what we put together. 

    Sign-up deadlines:

    The deadline to sign-up is March 10th, 2023

    Who to contact for an initial consultation: 

    Please email Steven Muller at




    Brian C Greenberg & Associates for Multi-State Income Tax Returns


    Pricing for Multi-State / Federal Income Tax Returns:

    We bill fixed-fee typically on a monthly retainer. Our billing process is to review the complexity and depth of work to be performed and then quote the fee to complete it. 

    Services Offered:

    Greenberg CPA provides a variety of tax planning and preparation services including multi-state income tax returns. They also provide accounting services, management advisory services, succession planning, and more.

    Why you should consider working with Greenberg CPA: 

    Greenberg CPA is known for its high customer satisfaction scores. Almost all reviews are stellar because of their commitment to simplicity, expertise, and protection. Greenberg CPA is committed to responding to all calls or emails within 24 hours, and ensuring that all returns are submitted and paid on-time.

    Sign-up deadlines:

    There are no sign-up deadlines for multi-state income tax returns.

    Who to contact for an initial consultation: 

    Please email Brian at

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