How to Protect Your E-Commerce Images from Theft on Amazon and Everyone Online

by | Jul 27, 2020

Episode Summary: In this episode, Alex interviews Hansen Tong.  Hansen shares how to protect your e-commerce images from theft. 


Check out Hansen’s blog post, Protecting E-Commerce Marketing Content and Photos Through Copyright Registration.


Episode Highlights: 

TOS Lawyer’s ideal client: Online e-commerce or service-based businesses.

A problem TOS Lawyer helps solve: One of the biggest issues relates to photographs.  Photographs market products to viewers, yet it is common for this content to get stolen.  Hansen addresses what businesses can do about this.

Typical symptoms that clients have before reaching out to TOS Lawyer: A business might note a competitor using the same product descriptions, photographs, or marketing materials.

Common mistakes that folks make before finding TOS Lawyer and his solution: Not copyrighting photos and protecting your intellectual property. For up to $50 you can copyright a collection of up to 700 photos with the US Copyright Office. Even though the form is short, it can be confusing and nuanced.

TOS Lawyer’s Valuable Free Action: Consider copyrighting your photographs with the US Copyright Office.

TOS Lawyer’s Valuable Free Resource: Name of resource: Check out Hansen’s blog post on this very topic!

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