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Free Training: How To Create Your 3-Step Sales Tax Action Plan


This live 30-minute training is meant to educate you on the sales tax process. There’s nothing to buy and there will be no replays.

Who should attend:

Business owners and accountants that sell physical or digital products and want tangible next steps for dealing with their sales tax situation.

(7 attendees max each week to keep the training interactive!)

Do you want to eliminate the hassle and risk of sales tax for your business?

Without having to understand complex laws, fill out complicated paperwork, waste time filling out sales tax returns, pay overpriced fees, or do anything that would add complexity to your life…

A system that makes you practically bulletproof in the event of a sales tax audit…

All while knowing you are 100% complying with the law and aren’t risking your business by doing anything “sketchy”.


During this free training you will..


  • Learn how to create a simple yet effective sales tax action plan that minimizes your risk of an expensive audit
  • Learn what your options are for cleaning up historical sales tax liabilities and the pros/cons for each option.
  • Learn what common activities create a sales tax collection responsibility and what to do about it. 

This is a live training meant to education you on the sales tax process. There’s nothing to buy and there will be no replays. 


About Your Presenter


Alex is the founder of TaxValet, a sales tax firm that eliminates the hassle and risk of e-commerce, and software companies. Alex and his team oversee sales tax for over 12,000 sales and use tax returns each year.

TaxValet is an official sales tax partner and service provider for esteemed companies such as Avalara, Vertex, TaxJar, Shopify, and Amazon.


Alex Oxford
Presenter & Founder of TaxValet


If you can’t book a time below, it is because all 7 slots have been filled. This is an interactive demonstration and will not be recorded!