DIY Support

You’ll gain the confidence and support necessary to handle sales tax on your own.

 Why the DIY Support Service Exists

The truth is, sales tax is complicated and many business owners and accountants don’t even know where to begin. 

If you want to get started paying sales tax, but are worried about making a mistake, then this service is perfect for you. 

We’ve done this a thousand times … do you really want to figure this all out by yourself?

The DIY Support Service provides you with the expert guidance you need to set-up and manage sales tax correctly on your own.

You can think of it like having your own sales tax coach there to guide you throughout the entire process.

And like an insurance policy that’s there to help you when you need it when something bad happens (like an audit).

That way, you can avoid the risk of making a bad decision and have the support you need to get set-up correctly the first time.

The DIY Support Service is ideal for: 

  • Dropshippers
  • Companies just getting started
  • Small businesses with limited budgets
  • International companies entering the U.S. market

What’s You’ll Get

Guidance on Where to Register (Sales Tax Nexus Analysis)

We will determine where you have sales tax nexus based on various business factors including economic nexus, marketplace facilitator laws, and physical presence annually.

Audit Defense

In the unfortunate event of a sales tax audit, we’ll manage the project to minimize penalties assessed.
Limit 3 States/Yr.

Live Q+A with Our 
Sales Tax Experts

After meeting with one of our experts, you’ll have clarity on your situation and know what specific steps should be taken to minimize your sales tax audit risk.

Resale Certificate Support 

You’ll get all of our resale certificate tips, tricks, and resources so that you can purchase inventory tax-free from your suppliers. Email support included. 

Tax Collection Setting Support

You’ll get our team’s support with how to set-up sales tax settings in popular e-commerce platforms. Email support included. 

Sales Tax Filing Support

You’ll be able to ask our sales tax filing experts questions about which state and filing resources are available to you. Email support included.

Permit Registration Support 

You’ll get all of our secret sales tax permit registration tips, tricks, and resources for when you register for sales tax permits yourself. Email support included. 

Credit Towards Our Done-for-You Service

You’ll get a $599 credit towards our Done-for-You Service in case you ever want us to handle everything for you. This can be used for sales tax filings, permit registrations, and more!

Buy Now for $199/mo*

You’ll gain peace-of-mind knowing your company’s sales tax is being handled correctly.

*minimum 3-month commitment

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the DIY Sales Tax Service Cost? Can I cancel any time?

The DIY Sales Tax Service costs $199/mo with a minimum 3-month commitment. You can cancel at any time after three months.

What’s NOT included in the DIY Support Service?
After purchasing the DIY Support Service, you will be expected do most of the set-up work (though you’ll have our support and guidance!).

In particular, the DIY Support Service does NOT include: 

  • Done-for-You Sales Tax Permit Registrations or mail processing
  • Done-for-You tax system set-up
  • Done-for-You sales tax filings
  • Product taxability or state statute research

Who should purchase the DIY Support Service?
You should purchase this if your business is just getting started or has less than $600k/year in sales and you want to ensure your sales tax is set-up correctly from the beginning. Larger companies would benefit more from our Done-for-You Service.

Who should NOT purchase the DIY Support Service?

You should NOT enroll in the service if you do not have a U.S. entity established yet (but if you contact us, we’ll put you in touch with someone that can help).

You should also not purchase the DIY Support Service if you are looking for a team that can do the work for you (check out our Done-for-You Service for that).