Avoid making costly sales tax mistakes.

You’ll get the advice and tools you need to get set-up correctly the first time.

Avoid making costly sales tax mistakes.

You’ll get the advice and tools you need to get set-up correctly the first time.

Why the Sales Tax Starter Kit Exists

 Maybe you began researching sales tax yourself and slowly began to go insane.

Or maybe you already knew you owed sales tax in other states but have been putting it off because it’s just so freaking complicated.

But you should know that many businesses start down the path of handling sales tax themselves only to make mistakes that end up costing them a fortune (hopefully this isn’t you … but if it is, we can help).

Sales tax is kind of like a safe with a combination lock … and if you do the exact right things in the correct order, then the safe unlocks and your situation will be easy and painless. 

But if you do the wrong things (or do the right things in the wrong order) the safe won’t open and it will feel like the government is beating your head against the wall.

The Sales Tax Starter Kit provides the information, tools, and guidance you need to get your sales tax situation cleaned up quickly the first time. You can think of it like the magic combination to beat unlock the sales tax safe.  

What’s Included

Guidance on Where to Register (Sales Tax Nexus Analysis)

We will determine where you have sales tax nexus based on various business factors. This includes determining if you’ve crossed economic nexus thresholds, as well as other advanced factors.

Help Identifying Your High-risk States

You will receive a report which estimates your potential risk in the event of an audit. This will help you prioritize which states are highest risk and need to be addressed quickly.

Guidance on How to Handle past Liabilities

We will walk you through the various options for cleaning-up historical liabilities. You will have a better understanding of the pros/cons of each choice so you can make an informed decision on what to do.

Product Taxability Smartchart

You’ll get a report showing which states generally tax a product category with references to statutes for each state.

$750 Credit Towards Services

Once you sign-up for our ongoing services, you’ll have a $750 credit applied to your account. That makes this analysis practically free!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you feel l ike you didn’t get value out of your starter kit, you can get all your money back. Psst … we are crazy about having fanatical customers and no one has ever taken us up on this.

Frequently Asked Questions


 How much does the Sales Tax Starter Kit cost?
The price for our Sales Tax Starter Kit is $750 and can be paid via credit card. 

Who should purchase the Sales Tax Starter Kit?
You should purchase this if you are uncertain of where you owe sales tax or are unclear on what your next steps are. We also require this analysis for anyone signing-up for our Done-for-You Sales Tax Services

Am I expected to work with you after the analysis? Is there a long-term commitment?
Nope, not at all! Though our intent is certainly to “wow and amaze” you so you want to work with us for the long-term.