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We’re transforming negative emotions into something positive for our employees, partners, and clients.

What’s It Like to Work at TaxValet?

TaxValet is a multi-cultural company where everyone’s voice matters.
 Sali na sa TaxValet Family! 
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Why Work Here?

43 Joyful Days Off (seriously!)

43 Joyful Days Off (seriously!)

We’re firm believers in work life balance. Enjoy 43 days off per year - a mixture of PH and US holidays, and flexible personal time off.
Home Sweet  Office

Home Sweet

Our culture thrives in the digital space. We’re a remote-first company, championing comfort and zero commutes. Pajama bottoms are perfectly acceptable here.
Career Growth Galore

Career Growth

We chart clear paths to progress, offering mentorship, training, workshops and promotions. Plus, a free book program to quench your intellectual thirst!
Wellness  First


Your health is our priority. We fully cover your medical, dental, vision insurances, and even your short-term and long-term disability insurances.
Retreat  & Rejoice

& Rejoice

We balance diligence with downtime. We hit our targets and then gear up for company-sponsored retreats, like our exciting 2024 Philippines trip!
1% For the  Greater Good

1% For the
Greater Good

We donate 1% of our profits annually to nonprofits. Plus, enjoy 3 paid volunteer days to contribute to causes close to your heart.
Future  Focused


We have a vision for TaxValet’s future and for yours. Our 401k plan is more than just a benefit. It’s a promise of a secure future, enhanced by our generous company match.
Shared  Success


At TaxValet, everyone reaps the rewards. We proudly share company profits with all of our team members.
Comfy  Workstations


We ensure your home office is cozy, offering a tailored package to make your remote experience seamless and comfortable.

TaxValet’s Vision for
the Future.

We have a passion-fueled vision for the future that we want the best people in the world to be a part of. If our vision resonates with you, let’s chat! 

Learn more about the business, team, and culture we’re creating at TaxValet.

TaxValet’s Core Values.

Feel It: We empathize with the human beyond the task.

Shape It: We are the masters of our destiny and take action to create the future we want.

Own It: We take responsibility for the outcomes, both good and bad.

Crush It: We relentlessly pursue exponential improvements in our business and life.

Traits of a TaxValet Penguin.

  1. You align with our core values. 
  2. You desire for your work to be fulfilling, fun and more than just a paycheck. 
  3. You’re a self starter who doesn’t need to be micromanaged. 
  4. You’re always learning and growing as a person. 
  5. You’re resourceful and not afraid to learn new skills and technologies.

Our Hiring Process

We’re committed to finding the absolute best people out there to join our team. Here’s what you can expect:

Week 1

Initial application review
We’ll review your resume and experience and your answers to our job posting questions.

Invitation to take assessments
Depending on the role you’re applying for, we may have a skills test for you to take, but we always have you take a personality assessment so you can learn more about yourself, and we can learn how you’d fit into the culture at TaxValet.

Short Video Interview
We’d love to hear your career goals and why you’re interested in TaxValet!

Week 2

Long Video Interview
We’ll be diving more into your experience, skills, and if we have the career opportunities you’re looking for.

Meet with our personality consultant
Remember that personality assessment you took? We’ll set you up to learn more about yourself. Bring a pen and paper - you’re going to want to take notes! It’s fascinating!

Week 3

Reference check with 3 past managers
You give us the contact info, we’ll make the calls! We want to learn how we can best support you in the workplace. 

Credit / background check 

Week 4

Final check in
We’ll go over any questions you have and make an official offer for you to become a TaxValet Penguin!

Commitment to Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion

We're actively taking steps to make sure our culture is inclusive and that our processes and practices promote equity for all, including people of color, people from working-class backgrounds, women, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We welcome and encourage applications from people with these identities or members of other historically marginalized groups.

Research shows that women and people of color tend not to apply to jobs unless they believe they are 100% qualified and apply to fewer senior-level positions. With that in mind, we encourage you to apply if you're not sure whether you meet our qualifications. We'd love to have the opportunity to consider you.