Additional Fees

We have structured TaxValet’s service to be as all-inclusive as possible.

Most clients will not have additional fees (outside of opening/closing sales tax permits) once the onboarding process is complete.





Occasional Opening/Closing Sales Tax Permits
(After Initial Onboarding)
$195/state Free during Initial Onboarding.
Occasional Penalty Waiver Requests
(After Initial Onboarding).
$100 per submission Generally requested when filings are submitted with inaccurate data or delayed due to client.
Occasional Past Due Returns $65/filing  Generally only needed during Initial Onboarding.
Occasional Home-Rule Filings

$65/mo for all SUTS localities

$30/reporting jurisdiction/month for non-SUTS localities

Colorado has the most complex reporting rules in the entire United States. About half of the local jurisdictions are reported on the state return, the other half are reported either within the SUTS system or separately filed within their own municipality. We charge $30/jurisdiction/month for home rule filings that can’t be reported with the SUTS system. We charge a flat rate of $65/mo to report all home rules where you hold permits that are participating in SUTS (this will save you money).  Most clients will just file the state return and the SUTS return.
Rare Product Taxability Research $200/product/state Provided by a partner law firm. TaxValet will project manage this for you. 
Rare Voluntary Disclosure Agreement $1,975/VDA Provided by a partner law firm. TaxValet will project manage this for you. 
Rare Amended Returns $100 per return Generally requested when clients provide inaccurate data to TaxValet.
Rare State Payment Plans $199/state Typically only needed to manage payments with extremely delinquent accounts that are identified during the onboarding process.