Additional Fees

We have structured TaxValet’s service to be as all-inclusive as possible.

Most clients will not have additional fees (outside of opening/closing sales tax permits) once the onboarding process is complete.





Occasional Opening/Closing Sales Tax Permits
(After Initial Onboarding)
$195/state Free during Initial Onboarding.
Occasional Penalty Waiver Requests
(After Initial Onboarding).
$100 per submission Generally requested when filings are submitted with inaccurate data or delayed due to client.
Occasional Past Due Returns $55/filing  Generally only needed during Initial Onboarding.
Occasional Home-Rule Filings $30/reporting jurisdiction/month
Rare Product Taxability Research $100/product/state
Rare Voluntary Disclosure Agreement


Rare Amended Returns $100 per return Generally requested when clients provide inaccurate data to TaxValet.