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Here are five reasons why our clients tell us why TaxValet is their #1 choice when it comes to eliminating the hassle and risk of sales tax:


1. Your life will be made easier because you’ll never have to waste hours each month dealing with the hassle and risk of sales tax again.


If you’re like most of our clients, there are a million higher priority things going through your mind right now.

Important things like growing sales, sourcing new products, and following-up on customer reviews.

And if we were to hamper a guess, sales tax is the last thing you ever want to waste time thinking about. It wastes hours of your time, doesn’t drive sales, and is fraught with risk.

But the good news is, that once you sign-up with TaxValet everything changes.

You get to enjoy the peace of mind, confidence, and sense of security, knowing that your sales tax is being taken care of by someone who knows what they’re doing … AND you’re saving hours each month!.


2. We guarantee you’ll save up to $650/month on the same sales tax services that other accounting firms offer.


We do one thing—and only one thing—really well: sales tax for online retailers.

That means we can deliver a high quality of service while keeping our rates affordable for businesses like yours.

But when you work with a typical accountant or CPA, you’re not working with someone who works exclusively on sales tax.

And that’s why it’s going to cost you a small fortune.

Imagine if you called up a mechanical engineer the next time your car broke down.

They could probably fix your car for you, but it’s going to cost you a ton of cash and not be as good as just calling a reputable mechanic.

Sales tax is exactly like that. It’s highly specialized, complex, and easy to mess-up. But we we do one thing (and only one thing) really well… and that’s sales tax!


3. Your sales tax returns will be submitted accurately and on-time each month by our team of sales tax experts.


Picture this: it’s the 14th of the month and you’re not quite sure when your next sales tax returns were due. Was it tomorrow? Or was that next week?

So, you sign-in to your sales tax account only to find they changed your filing frequency on you last quarter, and now you’re already late!

All of that (and more) will be avoided when you sign-up for TaxValet because you will be assigned an expert from our team who will manage your filings each month.

Your team of sales tax experts will submit your returns accurately and on-time, guaranteed.

That means if we ever submit a return late due to a mistake we made, we’ll cover any late fees and penalties.


4. Your complex tax situation will be made simple and easy to understand with the proven TaxValet system.


If you’re like most online business owners, you’re looking for a way to eliminate the hassle and risk of sales tax without it costing a fortune.

The TaxValet system is just that: a simple 3-step system that can be used by any business to get compliant with sales tax laws quickly and affordably.

We’ve designed the TaxValet system specifically so that it is easy to implement, cost effective, and doesn’t waste a ton of time.

We’ve used the TaxValet system for all of our clients, and there’s not a single one it didn’t work for.

Our clients tell us they appreciated how simple and straightforward we made the process with the TaxValet.


5. Your business will be protected as sales tax rates and laws change.


The unfortunate reality is that the pace of regulatory change has been accelerating so quickly that it’s just too much for any single business owner to stay on top of.

That’s why we regularly monitor sales tax laws for you and keep you in the loop if we think there’s a new law out which impacts your business.

That way, you can stay in compliance and aren’t left getting blindsided by a state.