How TaxValet Works

You’ll be assigned a team of experts that will handle sales tax for you.

How TaxValet Works

You’ll be assigned a team of experts that will handle sales tax for you.

We Provide a Proven Formula to Get You Compliant Quickly

Reduce Risk, Save Money, and Get Back to Running the Business You Love.

1. We'll Show You Where Your Business Owes Sales Tax

Your Sales Tax Journey Starts with Nexus
The first thing we’ll do is determine where your business has Nexus. Nexus is a legal term that means you are engaging in sufficient business activities in a state and therefore have a sales tax obligation. In general, you have Nexus in states where your business has people, property, or inventory or meet the state’s sales volume threshold.

We’ll Help You Take the First Step
Our team has created a streamlined approach to help determine where your business has Nexus. We also help you understand how much your liabilities are in those states so you can make an informed decision on where to become compliant. Completing our online Nexus application only takes about fifteen minutes.

You can get the process rolling by signing-up for a free initial consultation.

2. We'll Get You Caught-up If Behind on Sales Tax

We’ll Walk You Through Your Options
After we’ve performed a nexus and liability study, you may find that you owe significant back-taxes. If this is the case, you have two options:

1. Pay the back taxes due. This can be accomplished with a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA) or by simply getting a permit and submitting the late filings. We always recommend this option to our clients to ensure they are in 100% compliance with state and local laws.

2. Ignore the state and choose not to comply. For some businesses, this can be a smart decision as the potential liabilities during an audit are less than what it would cost to comply with the state. For example, if you owe $30/year to a state, would you go through all the paperwork to get set-up to pay taxes? Probably not.

Please note: We always advise that our clients get fully compliant wherever they owe sales tax, and it is up to the business owner to decide where they want to collect and remit tax.

Some business owners owners are curious if it is possible to collect and remit sales tax moving forward and ignore historical liabilities. While it is technically possible to do so, we do not recommend this option as it may put your business at risk. We can help illuminate the pros/cons of this option, however it is your sole responsibility to determine what effective nexus date we should use when fill out sales tax permit paperwork.

3. We'll Get Your Sales Tax Permits

After you’ve decided how you want to handle back-taxes, we can start registering your business for sales tax permits. Special care must be taken when you register for permits as the process is complex, and varies state-by-state. Special consideration must also be taken as certain states also impose an additional corporate income tax reporting obligation after you get a sales tax permit.

Our Permit Process is Easy
We’ve structured our permit registration process so that it is as hassle-free as possible for our clients. This includes:

  • Submitting the sales tax permit paperwork to the states
  • Setting-up your state logins and verifying filing frequency
  • Receiving all relevant mail on your behalf

After we have created your various sales tax logins, you will be provided with a spreadsheet that has all of the relevant logins, passwords, filing frequencies, and password recovery information.

4. We'll Set-Up Your Sales Tax Collection Settings

We’ll Set-Up Your Tax Collection Settings for You
Once you’ve received your permits, you’re now ready to begin collecting sales tax (hooray!). Our team is familiar with all of the common sales channels available and how to set-up the tax collection settings to minimize the amount of tax that is over or under-collected. We will set-up your initial tax collection settings for free.

Certain sales channels, like WooCommerce, allow us to use plugins to calculate the EXACT amount of tax that is due at checkout.  Other channels, like Ebay, only allow us to set a single rate that should be used for the entire state. Either way, we do everything we can to ensure you are collecting as accurately as possible.  

5. We'll Take Care of Your Filings Each Month

We Submit Your Returns Accurately and On-time
Now that you’re set-up to collect and remit sales tax correctly, we’ll take care of the leg-work to stay on top of your monthly filings. We handle the filings for you and guarantee they are submitted to the states on-time and accurately. We’ll also be monitoring any variance between the tax that is collected and the tax that is due and notify you if we recommend any updates to your sales tax settings.

Receive a Notice from a State? We’ll Handle that Too
If you ever receive a notice from a state, send it over to our team and we’ll let you know what we recommend. Most of the time, state notices are fairly simple. We’ll take care of these simple notices as part of your ongoing subscription. If the notice is more involved (ex. an audit) we can also help you resolve the issue.

You’ll Also Save Money with Early Filing Discounts
One great thing about using a service like ours is that you can take advantage of early filing discounts. Many states offer incentives for filing returns on-time. These incentives can really add up over time and typically average about 1% of the sales tax collected.

6. We'll Keep You in the Loop Each Filing Period

We want you to have an incredible experience working with us. We’ll reach out to you each filing period to let you know what your liabilities are for that month, and to make sure we’re exceeding your expectations. If you’re ever need help, you can call us at (720) 432-9021 or e-mail us at