Grow Your Practice by Becoming a Partner

TaxValet gives you a new income stream
while solving your clients’ sales tax problems.

Grow Your Practice by Becoming a Partner

TaxValet gives you a new income stream while solving your clients’ sales tax problems.

Your clients will...

Gain Clarity on Where They Owe Sales Tax

Each business is unique, and so is their sales tax footprint. Your clients will learn where they owe sales tax, and what business activities expand their liabilities.

Get Set-up to Collect Sales Tax Correctly

We set-up your clients’ order systems so that they are collecting tax correctly based on the products they are selling. We’ll also help them submit sales tax permit registrations.

Have Sales Tax Filings Done for Them

Each client gets a dedicated sales tax expert who handles their sales tax filings each month. Your client can schedule a meeting with them if they have any questions.

You'll Earn Rewards as You Grow

Earn Recurring Revenue
Your Clients Get a Discount
co-Marketing Opportunities
Commissions Paid Monthly
No Signup Fees
Featured in Partner Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Partnerships Are There?

White-label Partners offer our services directly to their clients, and we take care of everything in the background.

Referral Partners earn a commission each time they refer a client to us. Commissions are paid out monthly via PayPal.

What Makes You Different from Sales Tax Software?

Online tools like Avalara may automate sales tax filings, but businesses still need to spend a considerable amount of time each month managing their sales tax. We give clients a dedicated sales tax expert who handles everything for them each month.

What Services Can We Whitelabel?

You can white-label our sales tax permit registrations, sales tax filings, and sales tax data maintenance services. If you prefer, you can refer clients to us and we’ll take care of everything.

Our Ideal Partner Profile

We are looking for high-quality partners who are aligned with our core values:

Own it. We take personal responsibility for outcomes, good and bad. We don’t pass the buck.

Crush it. We are highly competitive and work to deliver excellence every single day.

Shape it. We are revolutionizing an industry and creating our own future. We have a passion for possibilities.

Feel it. We have authentic empathy for our customers, community, partners, and each other.

Our Ideal Customer Profile

Our ideal client is a business that is … 

Based in the United States

Sells tangible personal property

Has a sales tax obligation in at least 3 jurisdictions (we can help them figure that out)

Doesn’t sell regulated items (alcohol, tobacco, fuel, etc.)

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