Eliminate the Hassle and Risk of Sales Tax and Avoid Costly Audits with TaxValet.

Eliminate the Hassle and Risk of Sales Tax and Avoid Costly Audits with TaxValet.

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If You Want to Protect Your Businesses from Sales Tax Threats, You Face Some Sobering Facts:

The average sales tax audit costs businesses $114,147. This includes back sales tax, penalties, and interest for typical small and midsized businesses.This is based on research conducted by Avalara.

Roughly 1 in 20 businesses are subject to a state sales tax audit each year. This is based on independent research we did on over 10,000 businesses. The unfortunate reality is it only a matter of when (not if) you’ll have to deal with an audit.


And to make matters worse, according to the Tax Foundation, over 1.2 million businesses were audited in 2015. And even if you walk away unscathed, that’s still 1.2 million people who had to take time away from their families to deal with the time, stress, and uncertainty of an audit.  

If you’re feeling angry, frustrated, or even a bit fearful because of sales tax, you should know you’re not alone and it’s not your fault. Dealing with sales tax yourself is such a burden and can be almost impossible to figure out yourself. Thankfully, we can help eliminate the fear, anxiety, and stress that sales tax causes with our Done-for-You Sales Tax Service.

What You Really Need Is Peace of Mind


But there is hope. You can self-select out of the 5% of businesses that are audited year and be one of those who enjoy security and peace-of-mind.


You can take action to protect your business as it grows and stop gambling with your company’s future. And we can help you do that.

All you need is a dependable service that meets the following citeria:

  1. You should have one team that can help with your entire sales tax situation and not leave you to figure things out yourself (like many software companies do). 
  2. You must have a dedicated filing manager you can call or email if you have questions and not be relegated to an anonymous support email address. 
  3. You shouldn’t have to pay just to figure out how much everything is going to cost.
  4. The team you work with should deal with all state interactions including mail, phone calls, and filings
  5. The pricing must be simple, straightforward, and transparent.
  6. The team should have a proven track record with incredible reviews.

Here’s What You’re Getting with TaxValet’s Done-for-You Service


When you sign-up for TaxValet, you’re getting a team of experts that will work to understand your specific compliance needs, then do the work to ensure everything is set-up correctly. 

We break our process down into three simple steps:


STEP 1: Initial Sales Tax Analysis…

  • You’ll learn where you should be paying sales tax, and why. 
  • You’ll learn what should be done to clean up your current situation. 
  • You’ll see which states are the highest risk to you in the event of an audit. 


STEP 2: State and Technology Compliance Setup…

  • You’ll get proper documents (like sales tax permits) on file with the state.
  • You’ll be set-up to collect sales tax within your accounting and order channels.
  • Past issues will be cleaned up and dealt with.


STEP 3: Ongoing Sales Tax Management…

  • Your sales tax filings will be managed by a dedicated team member
  • Your sales tax filings, state mail, state communications (and more) will be put on autopilot. 
  • You’ll receive monthly states updates from our team.
  • You’ll receive white-glove support in the event you or your accountant has questions.


The investment for this service is typically between $300 and $1,000 per month, depending on your size. Join today.

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying


Look, we just met… so you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you we are the greatest thing since sliced bread. So why don’t you read some of the things our clients wrote about us.

Highly organized and great follow through. All expectations of service are laid out during onboarding and they have followed through with every promise. They are also very transparent and you have access to understand exactly what they are doing. I love not worrying about my sales tax and knowing that they use great organizational software and processes to keep up with their client’s needs. With dozens of states to manage, I really needed their help and I am so glad I found them! 

David Anderson

Anderson United

TaxValet has been a dream to work with. Sales Tax is no joke and the last thing you need is to miss a step or a state. TaxValet takes the time to help in every way possible to ensure setting up and paying state sales tax is painless. TaxValet allows us to focus on our business knowing there is one less headache to worry about. Worth every penny.

Nate Christenson


We run a small national online business, and sales tax seemed, frankly, daunting and scary. I’m so glad we found Tax Valet, because they made it easy and remarkably painless. They take care of all the myriad details with ease, so our team to do what we do without getting bogged down. I’ve always found Tax Valet to be efficient, informed, trustworthy, prompt, and a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t be happier with our experience so far.

Ocean Robbins

Food Revolution

P.S. You can find more public reviews by doing a Google search for “TaxValet”.

Can You Afford TaxValet’s Services?

More Like, Can you Afford NOT to Use Them?


The cost of not taking action today could create long-lasting damage to your business. The longer you put off taking care of sales tax, the more your liabilities will accrue penalties and interest. Don’t end up like our client John that had to pay over $150,000 in sales tax to the state of Washington during an audit because he thought he could fly under the radar. 

The penalties and interest on not paying sales tax can be devastating. You can count on an extra 15% – 40% in penalties in interest if you are behind. I wouldn’t wish dealing with a sales tax audit on one of my worst enemies. 


Thinking about selling your business someday? You need to read this. Many acquiring firms will strategically reduce their valuation at the last minute if you have not been complying with sales tax rules everywhere you were supposed to. Please don’t get taken advantage of by this tactic!

“Hey Alex, Is There Some Sort of Guarantee?”


I will guarantee that if you don’t take action to improve your current situation, your sales tax liabilities and audit risk will continue to grow in time. 

But I’ll Also Make These 5 Guarantees…


  1. Whatever crazy sales tax situation you’re in will get cleaned up quickly by our team of experts.
  2. You won’t have to waste hours each month filing sales tax returns, constantly wondering “Am I doing this correctly?”
  3. Your risk of a costly audit will greatly decrease. 
  4. You’ll have assurance that everything was set-up correctly the first time by a team of experts 
  5. If at any point you are not satisfied with a piece of work we’ve performed, we’ll refund you for the work and make it right, for free. 

Get Started Today and Get Free Sales Tax Permit Registrations Worth $8,970.


For a limited number of new clients each month, I’m going to include free Sales Tax Permit Registrations in an unlimited number of states. Please note that this offer is ONLY available to the first few clients enroll this month.

When typically charge $195/state to get sales tax permits for you. But you’re getting it free, as my gift. I will remove this from our website when this opportunity is no longer available.


*(Please note that this offer is ONLY available if the owners or officers are U.S. residents or have an ITIN).

Here’s What You’re Getting with TaxValet


You can think of TaxValet like having your own sales tax department, while only paying a small fraction of what an employee would cost.

Here’s a summary of what’s included…

  1. Sales Tax Analysis and Consulting. You’ll learn what needs to be done, where, and why.
  2. Sales Tax Filings. Our team will prepare and submit sales tax filings for you monthly.
  3. Audit Defense: In the event that you face a sales tax audit, we’ll handle it for you
  4. Tax System Set-Up: We’ll help you set-up your accounting and checkout platforms to collect sales tax.
  5. White-Glove Support: You can think of your account manager as an extension of your team. Call or email them any time. 

BONUS: Free Sales Tax Permit Registrations. We will register your business for sales tax permits in as many states as you need them. ($ 8,970 Value) 

One thing is for sure: a year from today, you will surely arrive. The question is… where? Do you want a future of uncertainty and fear? Or do you want to wake up with peace of mind knowing your sales tax is being handled by a team of experts that know what they’re doing? Choose the path that takes you where you want to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good fit for the TaxValet Done-for-You Service?

We primarily work with e-commerce and software companies that are $1M/yr to $50M/yr in size. That being said, we work with a variety of industries however we do not currently work with marijuana dispensaries, hotels, gas stations, wineries, breweries, distilleries, or businesses that sell tobacco products. It’s not a moral thing… sales tax is just a whole different ball game for these industries!

Who is NOT a good fit for the TaxValet Done-for-You Service?

Our service is not right for companies that are just getting started. This is because new businesses generally don’t have much of a need for help, and they can’t meet our minimum $300/mo requirement.

How is working with you different from software like Avalara?

Comparing us to Avalara is like comparing your accountant to Quickbooks. Avalara is a TOOL that YOU can use to Do-it-Yourself. If you are looking for a DIY solution, you should investigate sales tax software. If, however, you are looking for a team of experts that can handle everything for you, you’re at the right place. Quick side note… we’ve had to clean up plenty of disasters that were caused by using the software incorrectly. So, if you go this route, buyer beware.

Do I have to pay for anything else besides your service?

Typically, you won’t need anything else. We’ve structured our service so that it is as inclusive as possible. That being said, if one of your sales channels does not provide live tax rate calculation as part of its service to you, you might need to purchase a tax rate calculation tool such as Avatax. We will help you purchase, install, and test the tax rate engine. A subscription to Avatax can cost as little as $20/mo.