How to File and Pay Sales Tax in Virginia

by | Dec 20, 2019

Quick Answer: Virginia offers a few different types of sales tax returns.  This blog gives instructions for how to file and pay sales tax in Virginia using the ST-8 Sales and Use Tax Return, a return commonly used by out-of-state sellers. 

Do You Need to File a Virginia Sales Tax Return?

Once you have an active sales tax permit in Virginia, you will need to begin filing sales tax returns. Not sure if you need a permit in Virginia?  No problem. Check out our blog, Do You Need to Get a Sales Tax Permit in Virginia? 

Also, If you would rather ask someone else to handle your Virginia filings, our team at TaxValet can handle that for you with our Done-for-You Sales Tax Service. We specialize in eliminating the stress and hassle of sales tax.


How to Sign-in and File a Return on Virginia’s Website

Step 1: The first step in filing your Virginia sales tax return is to log in here.

how to file and pay sales tax in virginia

If you do not have a username and password you need to click on “Register Here”  and then follow the instructions for signing up.  If you are not interested in doing the work of getting the permit or a state login yourself, TaxValet can handle that for you with our Sales Tax Permit Registration Service.  

Step 2: Click on “File/Pay Use Tax” and select the period needing filing.

how to file and pay sales tax in virginia

Step 3: Select the localities you made sales into this period and click “Create Return.”

Step 4: You will now enter your sales data into the return you created. If you missed a locality, not to worry. You may click “Modify My List” to add another one. Once finished, click “Calculate.”

Step 5: You should now see your calculated sales. This should match your figures. If not, click the back button and make the necessary changes. If this is correct now, choose your Dealer’s Discount rate and click “Calculate Tax.”

how to file and pay sales tax in virginia

Step 6: It is now time to review your ST-8 Sales and Use Tax Return. If something doesn’t look correct, click the modify button and make the needed changes. If your figures look good, it is time to decide if you are paying now or later.

Hooray!  You have now filed your return.

Make sure to save the confirmation number that comes up on the screen. We also recommend saving and/or printing a copy of your return for your records. Please note that if you do not print and/or save a copy now, when you go back to do so only the totals will be displayed.  This is your last chance to save a copy with all of the sales tax details. 

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How to Pay Virginia’s Sales Tax

You are now ready to make your payment. You can either make the payment today or schedule a payment in the future if you want to hold on to that money a little longer. We will be making an EFT payment for this example.

Select the bank account you are using, enter the payment amount, and select the date you want the payment to be made.

It’s time to review. If all looks good click “File & Pay Now.” If not, you may choose “Modify Payment” instead.

You now have made a payment! Be sure to save the confirmation number for your records.


How to Get Help Filing a Virginia Sales Tax Return

Lastly, here is the contact and general information for the state in case you end up needing help.

Phone: (804) 786-1082


But if you are looking for a team of experts to handle your sales tax returns for you each month, you should check out our Done-for-You Sales Tax Service. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in becoming a client!

Disclaimer: Our attorney wanted you to know that no financial, tax, legal advice or opinion is given through this post. All information provided is general in nature and may not apply to your specific situation and is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Information is provided “as is” and without warranty.


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