Provide Your Clients with a Comprehensive Sales Tax Solution

You’ll gain peace-of-mind knowing your clients’ U.S. sales tax is being managed correctly (…and you won’t be on the hook for any of the liability!).

Benefits of Becoming a TaxValet Partner

Your Clients' Sales Tax Problems Will Be Solved

 You can rest easy knowing your clients’ sales tax is being handled by a team that is as dedicated to your clients’ success as you are. We handle each step of the sales tax process from analysis to ongoing filings. 

Revenue Sharing Incentive

We share a substantial portion of our revenue with our partners for any referrals that they make. Referring clients will be more profitable than creating your own sales tax practice.

You'll Be Able to "Phone a Friend"

We provide our partners with ongoing support through our private newsletter and ongoing sales tax advice. If you have a specific sales tax question, you’ll have a partner you can call on for help.

P.S. Other benefits of partnership include…

  • Receiving warm introductions to clients that want to use your services
  • Receiving exclusive discounts you can offer your clients
  • Having a partner you can trust to get sales tax work done (a seeming rarity nowadays!)
  • Opportunities to receive referral incentives
  • Co-marketing opportunities

Available Partner Opportunities

We currently have partnership opportunities available for the following:

  • Accounting and CPA firms that specialize in the E-Commerce Industry
  • Accounting and CPA Firms that specialize in the Software-as-a-Service Industry
  • CPA Firms that specialize in Multistate Taxation
  • Firms that handle U.K VAT (but don’t handle U.S. sales tax)
  • Firms that handle Canadian VAT (but don’t handle U.S. sales tax)
  • Firms that handle Australian VAT (but don’t handle U.S. sales tax)

What We Look for in Partners

1. They’re committed to excellence and deliver a consistent, high quality service to their clients.

2. They’re committed to growing each others’ businesses. We want to introduce our clients only to the best-of-the-best. 

3. They’re aligned with our core values of feel it, shape it, own it, and crush it. 

Alex Oxford, your sales tax guide and founder of TaxValet.

How to Become a Partner

Tell us a bit about your business using the form below. If we think there could be a great mutual fit, we’ll be in touch. 

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